Arizer Solo Portable Vape - Review

Arizer Vaporizers 

Please Note: in 2017 Arizer released their sequel this the Solo Vape, the Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer. We just had to give a shout out to this premium quality Vaporizer, if you enjoyed the Sollo, check out the Solo 2 with all it's new smart Vape features. 


Arizer Solo Vape - Functionality

The Arizer Solo is extremely easy to use and straightforward, it can be picked up and used almost instantly by most users. The Arizer Solo comes with only one button which is used for three different functions. The Arizer Solo has an extremely fast heat up time, it can reached desired temperature in as little as a minute and thirty seconds. This means that you can enjoy your sessions with your friends, without the trouble of dealing with attachments or instructions.

Arizer Solo Vape - Technology

The Arizer Solo has a very simplistic control system, with only one button used on the device. In order to power the unit on or off, simply hold the power button down for three continuous seconds. The Arizer Solo will indicate through sound that it's turning on or off. Once the vaporizer has been switched on, the intuitive design will allow you to control the heating temperature by pressing the button on the side. By pressing the bottom part of the button it will decrease the temperature and then by pressing the top half of the button it increases the temperature. The LED light system on the Arizer Solo will display the following colors as the vape heats up to your desired temperature: 

  • Blue  - 356°F / 180°C
  • White -  374°F / 190°C
  • Green- 392°F / 200°C
  • Orange - 401°F / 205°C
  • Red - 410°F / 210°C


Once the LED lights changes to a solid color, your vape has now reached the desired heating temperature and is ready to be used. Once your herbs have been packed into the heating chamber, you can sit back and enjoy your no-nonsense session until the auto shutoff feature kicks off in approximately 10 minutes.


Pros of the Arizer Solo Vape

  • The Arizer Solo is small, lightweight, subtle and pocket sized which is perfect for vaping on the go.
  • The Arizer Solo has a full glass vapor path, which helps in production of dense, clean and pure vapor.
  • Can reach the desired temperature in  2 minutes or less heat up time.
  • The Solo vape is hugely accessible as it comes with 5 preset temperatures, which are color coded for ease of access.
  • Arizer Vporizers has garnered a reputation as a source of reliable vaporizers which consistently produces great tasting and pure vapor every time.
  • The Solo vape is a discreet vaporizer which looks similar to an electronic cigarette, which comes in handy when you are trying to vape incognito.
  • The Arizer Solo has 60 minutes of continuous use time, per full charge

Cons of the Arizer Solo Vape 

  • Arizer Vaporizers offer 60 minutes of battery life with the Arizer Solo, when fully charged, this may not be enough for some vapers.
  • The Solo Vape has a limited battery life, therefore you might need to carry extra batteries, which can be an inconvenience for some.


Arizer Vaporizers - Conclusion on the Arizer Solo Vape 

The Arizer Solo is a fantastic portable vaporizer with solid build quality. Arizer Vaporizers would definitely recommend the Arizer Solo to casual or first time users who plan on vaping loose dry-herbs. If you are in the market for a portable vaporizer, especially with the view to vaping on the go, the Arizer Solo is an outstanding option for you.

The Arizer Solo is produced by a well known and respected manufacturer (Arizer Vaporizers) that is known for their durability and longevity, Arizer have been involved in the vape scene for a long time, and it managed to extend on the already impressive legacy of the Arizer Solo. With a new and improved design and features all the while still continuing to produce amazing vapor, we have no doubts that you will fall for this top of the line vape.

Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer - 2017

Please Note: in 2017 Arizer released their sequel this the Solo Vape, the Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer. We just had to give a shout out to this premium quality Vaporizer, if you enjoyed old Sollo, you will probably love the new one. Check it out here