Best Vape Pen For Wax | Which Is King?

Which is The Best Vape Pen For Wax?

If you're looking to get the Best Vape Pen for Wax you've come to the right place because the Vaporizer Guru is here to guide you to the right place. Now that the Guru is here I promise that I will show you the path though the minefield of vape pens to where true vaping glory awaits. Like a trusted companion the Vaporizer Guru will Sheppard you to the promised land, coaching, cajoling,  and imploring to make the right decision when it comes to getting your hands on a top quality Vape Pen.  

At the end of the day, nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing someone get the buzz that they so richly deserve.  For me, receiving top quality herbal elevation is a vital part of my existence and having the best vape pen going is a must have. Nothing disgusts me more than some second rate vape pen that doesn't get the job done. Believe me, the last thing I want is for you to be left with egg on your face because you purchase a piece of trash.  

I know from experience what its like to purchase garbage that doesn't work. It leaves an awful taste in the mouth and more importantly it leaves your wallet that little bit lighter! But like I've already alluded to, you can rest easy because the King is here, the king has entered the building and is about to direct you minions towards vaping paradise.

Linx Hypnos Vape Pen Wax

The Hypnos Zero Vaporizer brought to you by Linx Vapor has proven to be one of the most consistent vapes in the marketplace. This is an ultra compact vape pen which comes equipped with four separate temperature settings that will be sure to fit your needs.  What really sets the Hypnos apart from the rest of the crowd is the control that the device gives to to users.

Unlike some machines where you'll be left shooting in the dark with the Hypnos you'll have complete control of your vape pen right down to the last centigrade. Built using stainless steel you know that this unit is going to stand the test of the time.  Also coming equipped with a glass vapor path, elite ceramic chamber, and high powered batteries you know that this machine will deliver the goods.  

You'll also be supplied with 2 extra glass mouthpieces that can come in very handy in the case of any accidents occurring.  Ok, so the big question is how does it perform with your concentrates and waxes? Superbly, is the only answer to this. Make no mistake about this dab pen not only packs quite a punch, it packs enough power to land you on your back time and time again. 

The KandyPens Galaxy Vaporizer

Kandypens Galaxy Vaporizer Namaste Vapes

Another gem of a vape pen is the KandyPens Galaxy which results in enhanced air flows that results in your herbs being purified to the perfect consistency.  This pen features a quartz crystal chamber that performs superbly well when by detoxing your plants to the best level.

 The dual quartz rods and the the titanium coil work in conjunction to make your vaping experience that bit extra special.  Everything about the Galaxy is dedicated to taking your vaping experience to the next level of superlative excellence. The dab pen itself comes in a very stylish and classy black enamel that just exudes an aura of superiority.

A 10 second auto shutoff makes sure that you'll never have any battery wastage. This device will come readily supplied with a hard-shell carrying case, a USB charger, and a vape tool. Not only does the KandyPens perform well with wax, it performs incredibly well, and will almost certainly have you coming back for more and more. 

The G Pen

G Pen Vaporizer Namaste Vapes

Grenco Science have just surpassed themselves with their latest creation- the G Pen! This vape pen is super sexy and super convenient delivering beautiful buzzes with the simple click of a button. The G Pen is very easy to load and easy to operate making it one of the most user friendly vaporizers in the world.

The flavors that that you'll receive from the G Pen will be cleaner and will have that consistency that all vape enthusiasts desire to receive.  Standing in at only 5 inches in length, the G Pen is a very sleek, stealthy and ultra portable vape. All you have to do to get this machine operating is load your solids into the G Tank, press the power button and off you'll be going.  You should always try and clean your G Pen as this will ensure its longevity.

I found it best when I cleaned the screw heads with alcohol as this helped to minimize the dirt levels.  Once you own a G Pen you'll be supplied with a G Tool, a charging kit, 2 glass containers, and a very handy user manual. The G Pen definitely is one of the top vape pens for wax and will be sure to supply you with many great vaping moments.

The KandyPens Gravity Vaporizer Pen

Kandypens Gravity Vaporizer Namaste Vapes

The KandyPens Gravity Vaporizer is definitely one of the best vape pens for wax. Designed in the USA the Kandy features a wickless quartz chamber and coiless internal chamber that performs superbly well with the ceramic dish.  The way this pen is designed ensures that there is elevated air flow into the chamber and this results in an enhanced vaping experience.  

A 10-second shutoff systems ensures that none of your herbs or none of your battery is ever wasted. Designed in a very sleek and sophisticated fashion with a black sandblasted finish that just exudes a sense of class. Coming equipped with titanium coils that act to purify your herbs to the perfect consistency which results in a beautiful vaping experience.

Once you purchase the Kandy you'll be supplied with a carrying case, vape tool, USB charger, and spare alcohol wipes to keep the device in tip top condition.  If you're looking to get your hands on one of the best vape pens for wax you cannot go wrong with the KandyPens Gravity Vaporizer.

The MicroG 

MicroG Vaporizer Namaste Vapes

The MicroG by GrencoScience is a super portable and super sexy pen vaporizer that has the capacity to take over the vaping world. This device has a very simple and easy mechanism whereby you load your herbs, press the button, and off vaping you'll be in a matter of seconds.

Unlike other vapes this isn't a machine where you'll have to wait around all day until you're vaping, with the MicroG you'll be ready for action a matter of seconds. Standing at only 4 inches in length the MicroG is sleek, professional, and will sit comfortably into the palm of your hand. The vapor that the MicroG produces is quite simply asotinishing!

And when you factor in that this unit comes supplied with dual Lithium Ion battery you can begin to appreciate the quality of the overall package that will be at your finger tips.  Included with this device with a micro tool, adaptor, mouthpiece sleeves, and also a whole host of other extra goodies that will be sure to come in handy.  The MicoG is possibly the best vape pen on the planet. 


I think that its pretty clear that when it comes to vape pens that we're entering into a golden era of vaping.  Many of the vape pens that are populating the marketplace come with a big reputations and they come with these reputations for a reason- because they're outrageously good.

The buzzes that people have been receiving have been so good that many people have blown away by the performance.  No longer do users have to wait all night until their vape pen is ready and rocking, nowadays they can receive that instant buzz with the click of a button. I'm pretty sure that I've shown you some elite levels vapes and I hope that you've learned and have been educated by the Vaporizer Guru.

And whilst the Vaporizer Guru can take you to the water, and I can show you where the water is, but whether you drink or not that is up to you!!  In finishing all I can say is to get out there, get yourself a vape pen, and get yourself that buzz that you so richly deserve.