Dry Herb Vaporizers - The Ultimate Top 5




The Mighty vaporizer is a champion amongst the vaping industry, a product that is truly in a class of its own. What you'll receive from a Mighty is a hit that will blow you off into the stratosphere. You will be orbiting Mars, doing somersaults over Saturn, kicking little Pluto off into some black hole never to be seen again, and in Plutos place will stand the Mighty taking its rightful place amongst the constellation of stars. The Mighty Vaporizer will twinkle like a shining light in the darkness, defiant and proud in all its vaping glory. The mere mention of a Mighty Vaporizer will cause men's eyes to light up with hope and admiration. The first time you witness someone trying this product will be life changing, you'll whisper " I was there, I was there when he tried his first mighty."

The superb vaporizer comes with semi-convection which creates a high-quality vapor which produces a higher quality hit than many of the other products out there. The product is more expensive than many of its counterparts, but you do get what you pay for with a superb vaping experience. Storz and Bickel are the leading manufactures and producers of vaporizers and so what you can be assured of is the highest quality vape imaginable. The product is designed with absolute perfection in mind, and absolute perfection is what it does deliver.

There are multiple pieces that do require cleaning, but the process is fairly easy and you shouldn't encounter many problems.  The Mighty usually can keep going for over ninety minutes of pure vaping heaven, and after this, you'll have to charge this little beauty up for roughly two hours before its fully ready to go again.  The product makes use of two Lithium batteries that are durable and strong and when finished need to be replaced by the manufacturer. Storz and Bickel offer a 2 year warranty when you purchase the product so this is indicative of their confidence in this particular vape.

Overall the Mighty is a superb piece of craftsmanship that is guaranteed to exceed your expectations. You will come away from using a Mighty with a sense of relief that perfection in the world not only is possible but that you've witnessed it yourself. 


Firefly 2


The Firefly 2 is like a runaway train smashing and obliterating anything that stands in its path.  Any Vaporizer that is unfortunate enough to come within close proximity of the Firefly will be blown away by the products sheer brilliance. This little beauty has the capacity not only to accommodate dry herbs but also oils and concentrates and it does so with an equal level of brilliance.  

The body of the Firefly is as strong and durable as a Bull, but the firefly itself is as deft and nimble as a matador. Some people have complained about the weight of the product, but you would be well advised to not listen to this stupidity as whilst the product is slightly heavier than a normal vape it's not exactly a two-tonne brick that you're carrying- what really is a few extra ounces when you think about it?  For me, the weight indicates quality and durability and is the sign of a product that will stand the test of the time.

The vaporizer is easy to refill due to its very handy cleaning system and maintenance system. Whilst the Firefly is expensive it sure as hell is worth paying the extra few dollars because of the quality of the product. Many a man has fallen in love with the Firefly and has pledged and undying eternal love that will last through the ages. 




The Arizer is an excellent better value product that provides a superb vaping experience. Whilst The Arizer lacks some of the overall features of other vaporizers on the market the product still packs a punch that you won't forget any time soon.

One of the issues we did encounter with the Arizer was taking the glass off and assembling it, but this chore is a small price to pay when you consider the quality of the vape that you'll receive.  The vapor will be very clear and very crisp resulting in a smooth high that matches nearly anything else on the market. The taste will be beautiful and delicious and almost akin to a 5 course meal in Michelin star restaurant.

One of the issues we did encounter with The Arizer was assembling and taking apart the product which can become a little tiresome after a while. Take note that if you drop the glass parts you'll more than likely smash them all over the floor, but on the plus side the glass ensures that the vapor that you'll receive will be very clear and very smooth.  The fact that the manufacturer uses both glass tubing and ceramic heating act to ensure that your vape has an outstanding taste to it.

On the negative side, the tubing and the vaporizer can get a little hot after a period of continuous use. Additionally, the vaporizer can get a little bit dirty and gunky so you'll most defiantly need to get your cleaning kit out fairly regularly. But in spite of some of the negatives mentioned the outstanding smoke does outweigh any small gripes that we may have against  The Arizer.

Another thing to take note of is that when using the vaporizer you should always attempt to stir the herbs because sometimes they can get a little bit burned. The fan isn't loud and nosey like in some other products and this makes for a far more relaxing and chilled out vaping session.  But when it comes to a price of $200  this product really matches itself well against some of the best vaporizers in the industry. For this steal of a price, you get a high-performance unit with multiple functionalities that work just as well as some of its more expensive counterparts.

The product comes with a whole host of handy accessories including: mouthpieces, screens, remote, stirring tools, whips, and loads more.  Overall, The Arizer is an underrated vaporizer that will surprise you with how impressively it works compared to some of the more world-renowned vaporizers.

Brand new to the Arizer family is the Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer. Check it out, you wont be disappointed. 




The Da Vinci IQ is an excellent vaporizer that works brilliantly giving the user a sublime vaping experience. The Da Vinci fits like a glove into your hand, and its portable format ensures that you won't have to worry about carrying around any unnecessary weight. The product comes supplied with a 51 light feature, which alone, marks the Da Vinci out as being unique amongst vaporizers. But the lights aren't just for aesthetic reasons alone these lights mark out the temperature settings on the device and allow you to adjust the settings as you see fit.

The Da Vinci allows you to hit temperatures that range from 250f to 430f  and this ensures that your contents are vaped to whatever your specifications may be. The product comes readily supplied with Smart Path Technology which allows you to change the settings on the device to suit your own personal needs.

The Da Vinci also comes readily supplied with a replacement battery just in case your other battery runs out you'll have another one ready and willing to pop into the machine.  The vape that you'll have the pleasure of receiving will be mouthwateringly tasty and it will keep you coming back for more and more hits. The mouthpiece is made from Ceramic and it smoothly deliverers the vapor.



When you're talking about high powered portables well then there aren't many products out there better than the Boundless CF Vaporizer. The stealth mode lets you heat to a perfect temperature to suit your needs. The beauty of this product is that the next time you turn on the device it kicks right back into the temperature that you feel is best to vaporize your herbs. The Lithium Ion battery has tremendous durability and will stay the course for a longer period than most other products out there.  The way the Boundless is designed ensures that there will be no smoke combustion and that the vape that you'll receive will be smooth, delicate, and most of all designed to meet whatever your smoking requirements are.