The 7 Top Vaporizers In The World? | Are They The Best?

To discover the Top 7 Vaporizers in the World is a tough task, even for the Vaporizer Guru, the self proclaimed king, lord, and master of all vapes! Why is it so tough even for someone of the Vaporizer Gurus's caliber? Well because the last number of years has seen a massive explosion in the amount of vaporizers populating the marketplace and this has led to some top quality machines hitting the scene. Of course, not all of these vaporizers are world class quality, but many of them are.  The fact is, that with each passing year, the standard of vapes seems to rise and rise and then rise again.

So the big question is how are we going to discover the Top 7 Vaporizers in the world when there is so much quality out there? Well fear not, because I, the Vaporizer Guru, will be on hand to guide you to the promised land. I will Sheppard you towards the bountiful harvest of vaporizers where you'll be gorging on some of the most outstanding vapes ever to hit the marketplace. By the time I'm finished educating you'll be in vaporizer heaven breathing in some of the most delicious vapors ever produced by mankind.

The Pax 3

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The Pax 3 is like a runaway train destroying and obliterating everything in its path.  This truly is a vaporizer that has it all, and much much more! The Pax 3 is capable of vaping dry herbs, oils, and waxes, and all with a superb level of performance.  A high polished aluminum finish just exudes a sense of class, style, and charisma.  The machine is very neat and compact and will fit into your pocket, and so, there certainly will be no issues encountered when it comes to portability. In built lip sensing technology anticipates when you're going to start vaping. What the lip sensing technology ensures is that your machine will always be operating at the maximum level of efficiency.  You'll also have the ability to download the Vapor App and this will allow you to customize your vaping experience.

A rapid-fire heat up time ensures that the Pax 3 will always be ready to provide you the maximum level of service with the click of a button.  An added bonus that comes with the Pax is that this unit comes equipped with an extra long battery life, and so, you'll be able to avoid any nasty interruptions to your vaping experiences.  The big question is what are the vapors going to be like? Well what can I say the Pax 3 really excels when it comes to vapor quality delivering to users some of the most delicious and heavenly vapes that money can buy- simply outstanding! Overall, If you're looking at get your hands on some of the top vaporizers in the world well then you cant go too far wrong with the Pax3!

The Firefly 2

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Well where do we start with the Firefly 2 Vaporizer? this truly is a machine that is pushing the boundaries in terms of vaping perfection.  The Firefly 2 Vaporizer is a dry herb vaporizer that comes with 6 separate temperature settings which you can control via the app. The unit has the ability to reach temperatures as high as 400F in a matter of seconds!  You can control the temperature by touching at the sensors and the longer you hold the sensors the higher the temperature will go. Weighing in at half the size of the original Firefly this unit is ultra-portable and ultra vapable.

A convection vaporizer that utilizes the most cutting edge of vaping technology to deliver to users the purest, the cleanest, and the most outstanding vaping moments imaginable.  A borosilicate glass vapor path acts to further purify your herbs to the perfect consistency. The dual touch sensor activation will always ensure that this little beauty will be ready and roaring in a matter of seconds.  Overall the Firefly 2 is a magnificent vaporizer that has to be up there with the top vaporizers in the world. 

The DaVinci IQ

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No list of the worlds top vaporizers could ever be complete unless the DaVinci IQ was included in that list. The IQ is a portable conduction vaporizer that has the capacity to extract herbs at a frenetic pace. As the name suggests the IQ is a very intelligent vaporizer which utilizes cutting-edge technology, such as: blue tooth apps and cricomia air paths. An LED system has a 51 dot display mechanism which gives a sophisticated feel. The precious guided temperature control system ensures that you'll be able to customize your vaping experience.

The IQ is unique in that its one of the only vaporizers that can combine 3 separate modes: Smart mode, precision, and boost. You'll also be able to enjoy long vaping sessions when you factor in that the battery keeps going for nearly 3 hours- so you'll be able to feel some long interrupted vaping bliss. A phone app ensures that users will extra control over their device. The IQ comes equipped with a 10-year warranty and this just shows the confidence that the makers have in the device. And when you factor in the refreshing and pure vapes that the IQ gives to users you begin to appreciate that this is no ordinary vaporizer, but is a machine that is one of the top vaporizers in the world. 

Grab the DaVinci IQ Vaporizer here.

The Grizzly Guru

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The Grizzly Guru is a vaporizer that has the capacity to astonish you with its overall performance. When I first got my hands on the Guru I wasn't expecting that much, but boy was I wrong, as this portable vaporizer knows how to put on quite the show. What makes the Guru stand out is that it can vaporize all materials- dry herbs, concentrates, liquids, and not this, but vaporizes all of these materials to a superb level of quality.  For a portable, the Guru is rather bulky,  but with sizes come quality and strength and this is what we get with the Grizzly Guru.

The machine also boasts Ion batteries which gives users over 3 hours of none stop vaping heaven. A medical ceramic heating chamber and a glass vapor pathway ensures that your materials are purified to the perfect consistency.  The coiled atomizer further enhances the vapor quality leading to outstanding, delicious,  and unmatchable vapor production.  When it comes to top vaporizers the Grizzly Guru is the dark horse of the pack and will be sure to provide you with many vaping memories that will last a lifetime.

The Boundless CFX

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The Boundless CFX was another vape that left me shocked with its overall performance. When I first saw it I thought that this vape would be just another solid middle of the road device, but how wrong was it! Without a shadow of a doubt the CFX is one of the best vaporizers in the world. A quick-fire heating up time ensures that you'll not have to wait around until your machines ready for vaping.The dual lithium Ion battery is one of the reasons for this rapid heating up time( which is under 20 seconds).

Another thing that separates the CFX from the rest of the pack is that the machines utilizes both conduction and convection technology.  What this ensures is that you'll be receiving the very best of what vaping technology has to offer. The ceramic heating and the ceramic chamber acts to ensure that the vapor that you'll receive will be of the highest quality.  The medical grade vapor pathway system results in a sweet tasting mouthpiece that wont leave any nasty aftertastes.  As top vaporizers go, it doesn't get much better than the Boundless CFX.

Boundless CFX not really what you require? How about its little brother, the Boundless CF Vaporizer?

The Crafty

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Produced by the world renowned, Storz and Bickel, the Crafty is one of the top vaporizers out there. The Crafty is a portable convection AND conduction vaporizer, so you'll be able to get the best of both worlds.  What really impressed about the Crafty was that the unit with a cooling unit which acts to eliminate harsh vapor hits. A Bluetooth connection allows you to change the setting of the device remotely.  You'll be able to adjust the temperatures to suit your own vaping needs.

The Crafty also comes with a vibration alert system which ensures that you'll be notified when your machine is ready for action.  An automatic shutoff system comes in very handy as this will help prevent any wastage when it comes to battery. The double-barrelled system of both conduction and convection will ensure that the vapor that you'll receive will be of superior quality. Overall, the Crafty is definitely one of the top vaporizers available.

The Haze V3

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The Haze V3 is another portable vaporizer that excels when it comes to performance. Featuring a double heating chamber which allows you to vaporize dry herbs, concentrates, and oils.  Designed using robust fiberglass which enhances the vaporizers durability and aesthetic appeal.  The mouthpiece features a top lip which makes your vapors smoother and more delicious and which will also help when removing and cleaning the unit. Stainless steel lids are designed in a manner whereby maximum air flow is allowed into the chamber.

The concentrates cans are a huge bonus as these will help prevent any leaks occurring. A multiple temperature heating system ensures that you'll be spoiled for choice when it comes to what temp you want to vape at. You can control the heating using the LED system. The Haze usually takes about 60 seconds to heat up, which isn't fast, but it's not as if you'll be waiting too long either. The Haze V3 is definitely a top vaporizer that you should not only be taking a look at but should be adding to your collection.


Ok, we've come to the end of the road, and the facts are the facts, this is the list that I've assembled. Of course, there are loads of other vaporizers that could have quite easily have made this esteemed list. But unfortunately in life sometimes we've got to make hard decisions.  Sometimes we've just got to plunge into the icy cold waters and make the hard calls.  Today, we've seen how the Pax 3 has become one of the most legendary vaporizers ever to hit the market.  How the Firefly 2 utilizes convection technology to give buzzes of such sublime quality that you'll be left pinching yourself wondering whether it was all a dream.

And then we had the Da Vinci IQ entering into the ring and giving a performance of such intelligence that peoples IQ's collectively shot up around 50 points. Next on the list came the Grizzly Guru, oh my, where do we start with the Grizzly Guru? a vaporizer of such splendid magnificence that you'll be left wondering whether you have just witnessed one of the 7 wonders of the western world.  And then Boundless CFX exploded onto the scene nearly all other vapes fell by the wayside- just a superb machine.  When you're considering top vaporizers no list could ever be complete without the Crafty- a true beast of a unit that will have you on your knees begging for more and more.

And finally, we've seen how the Haze Dual V3 has been taking vaping to a whole new level of excellence. This was a vape that gave me some of the sweetest and most delicious vapes the world has to offer. In finishing, there is one thing you can safely say, and it is this, that we are living through a golden age of vaporizers.  So what else can the Vaporizer Guru say? But to get out there and to get vaping!