The Best Portable Vaporizers

The Best Portable Vaporizers

Our list of The Best Portable Vaporizers is heavily influenced by our customer's reviews and ratings, as well as by our own personal experience with each unit. We also reached out to prominent bloggers and vapers for their help in compiling this list. 

Each Portable Vaporizer listed below is unique in it's own way but what they all share is a set of features that set them apart from the other portable units on the market. Each Portable Vape listed below comes with a limited time Discount Code. Read on to claim your discount and get vaping!


#5. Vapir NO2 Vaporizer

Vapir NO2 Vaporizer

"...I did a lot of research before making my purchase. I wanted to spend under $200 and get a top quality Vape with solid reviews. The Vapir No2 won out after reading several forum reviews. The vapor quality is outstanding and it's so easy to use - just pop open the top fill with your herbs and you're ready to go.

The first portable vaporizer I’ll talk about is the Vapir No2 (pronounced "N", "O", "2" rather than #2). This is one of my favorite all-time portable vapes. It has a soft spot in my heart because it was my first portable vaporizer before I even got into this business. Granted there are some new release that out performs the Vapir No2 (we'll get to those units later) but if you buy this vaporizer you'll be getting a super simple to operate the unit with great vapor quality, a unit that is built to last and a price point under $200.


 #4. DaVinci Vaporizer

DaVinci Vaporizer

"...I have tried the Arizer Solo, MFLB and now I own the DaVinci and in my opinion the DaVinci is the best Portable Vape on the market. It's got a utilitarian aesthetic that I personally love and the quality is exceptional compared to some other portable units on the market. The secret herb storage compartment is also a nice touch and fits just enough herbs for a day trip."

The next portable vape we really like is the DaVinci Vaporizer. This unit is cool for a few reasons. First, it is legitimately portable - you can carry it around in your pocket if you want to. It has a removable draw straw at the top for even easier transportation. The next cool feature is the secret herb storage compartment that holds just enough to get you through a day. I've yet to see a similar feature on a portable vaporizer and I've got to say it comes in very handy - I hope the other manufacturers take a page out of the DaVinci book on this one. Finally, we get a lot of feedback on the look of the Davinci - it looks rugged, it's built solid and it's designed to last. The only drawback on the DaVinci is the unit itself sometimes gets hot after repeated use. This is something DaVinci should (we hope) be fixing with their all-new Ascent Vape (we'll discuss that one later!). We recommend the DaVinci highly!

UPDATE: In 2017 DaVinci released to a sequel to the Ascent Vaporizer, the DaVinci IQ Vaporizer. Be sure to check it out, it's one of the most popular vaporizer releases of the year!


 #3. IOLITE Wispr Vaporizer

IOLITE Wispr Vaporizer


 "The best part is the Wispr never gets too hot to hold and there's really nothing you can burn yourself on. The decorative casing keeps your mits away from the heating element which is a good design. I also think the Iolite has more aesthetic appeal than any of the other units on the market right now. I would highly recommend it."

The main advantage of the Iolite Wispr is that it's powered by butane as opposed to the other units on this list which are powered by batteries. Butane is an excellent power source because it's efficient and more importantly you don't need to charge batteries so if you're travelling for a long period of time or going to a place without power - the Wispr is your best friend. The other benefit of the Wispr is it looks. Like the reviewer noted above - the Iolite Wispr looks more like a sexy cell phone case then a vaporizer so people don't really think twice when you pull it out in public.


 #2. Magic Flight Launch Box Portable Vaporizer 

Magic Flight Launch Box Portable Vaporizer

I love my MFLB! It's so small but works flawlessly. I also love the handmade look and feel. In my opinion, this is the best portable on the market.

Next up, the Magic Flight Launch Box. This is a killer little unit that makes an awesome first portable vaporizer for people who want a top performing unit at a price point under $120! The coolest feature of the MFLB is the's small, really small. You can easily carry the MFLB around in your pocket which isn't necessarily the case with the Vapir NO2, Arizer Solo and VaporBlunt 2.0. Also, the Launch Box is lightning fast to het up and start vaping. We're talking under 5 seconds from the moment you engage the battery. We recommend this unit to newbies and connoisseurs alike - it's a great purchase!


 #1. Haze Vaporizer

Haze Vaporizer

 Haze Vaporizer is the first of its kind. This is one of the most innovative technologies of the new portable vaporizers.  Haze is the only portable vaporizer which has dual chambers with a patented heat exchange system which regulates the optimum herb and oil temperatures based on the material consistency. You can pack both chambers with dry herb or you can pack one with your herb and the other one with a concentrate. A flip of a switch will change your experience in between. The new V2.5 version of the Haze has  4 distinct temperature levels of 365F, 380F, 390F and 415F. It has the ability to provide both conduction and convection methods for vaporizing. You will experience the thick vapor clouds with the conduction screens while enjoying the premium taste and gentle vapor through the convection screens. Haze also comes with stainless steel and a glass mouthpiece which can be stored inside the unit (which is also rare to find in portable vaporizers).  Haze offers a 10 Year warranty for this solid product. The super compact size of 3 ¼ inch x 3 inch x 1 inch combined with the elegant discreet design, places Haze into the leading best portable vaporizers category. 


And the "Look's VERY Promising Award Goes to...."


BONUS PICK: Ascent Portable Vaporizer

Ascent Portable Vaporizer

The Ascent Vaporizer from DaVinci is taking the Vaporizer community by storm. The release has been delayed by several months as they work out the kinks but all initial signs point to this unit being a game changer. It incorporates cutting-edge technology such as an all glass vapor pathway, the ability to vape herbs, oils and waxes and a sophisticated LED display center. But the best thing about the Ascent Vaporizer is the user-friendly design touches. The same, hard to quantify, details that everyone loves about Apple products are making their way to the Vaporizer world and that's a good thing.   

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