Top 5 Best Dry Herb Vaporizers of 2018

So here we are again, another year and plenty of vapes to use, appreciate and even more to look forward to. Below we have selected the very best vaporizers of 2018. Some of them you’ll recognize as being well on their way to becoming classics. Others have proved themselves over the last year to be of the quality and consistency we look for in a vaporizer. And at the end, we’ve written a quick overview of the vaporizers we’re most excited about this year. You’re not going to want to miss out on any of these releases. Whether you’re new to the scene and trying to figure out what to get or a veteran vaper looking to see what’s good in 2018 we’ve got something for you. Let’s begin!

Pax 3 Vaporizer

PAX 3 Vaporizer Namaste Vapes US

No surprises here really. Pax have been a company setting standards for convenient, portable, durable dry herb vaporizers for some years now. And for the second year in a row their flagship, the Pax 3, takes the top spot in our list. The Pax 3 is a dual-use vaporizer (compatible with both dried herbs and concentrates) made of anodized aluminum. The high gloss aluminum exterior makes the Pax 3 look stylish and elegant. It comes with four varying temperature settings for you to choose from and takes 15 seconds once fully charged to reach an optimal setting. The battery life is excellent, too. It’ll take around 90 minutes to charge and whether you’re a casual or daily vaper you may not need to charge it again for a few days! If you get yourself the pack you can also avail of the Half-Pack Oven which allows you to half fill your chamber while still putting enough pressure on your material to deliver quality vapor.

And if the price causes some hesitation we can assure you the quality and consistency will astound you. For extraordinary vapor every time from a vaporizer that lasts, the Pax 3 is the one for you. Added to that there is a significant warranty on the Pax 3, so you’re unlikely to ever need another vaporizer. Although 2018 isn’t over for quite some time yet it’s going to take some stiff competition to steal this one’s crown of Best Vaporizer 2018.

The Mighty Vaporizer

Mighty Vaporizer Namaste Vapes US

Storz & Bickel, another company rightly considered the top of the top give to you the Mighty. You know you’re in good company when dealing with the company that brought you the Volcano Digit desktop vaporizer. The Mighty already a staple of our “Best of’s” the last two years is nothing if not a premium quality handheld vaporizer. With its robust and functional design the Mighty gives you thick, quality vapor every time. The Mighty is unique in that its heating design is a hybrid. Designed so you get the best of both worlds, both conduction and convection heating systems. Not only that but it is compatible for both dried herbs and oil concentrates by use of the liquid pad. Its controls work in a simple and intuitive way, two buttons on the side control the extremely accurate heating system. There is a display on the front, too, so you can keep an eye on your temperature levels. While the design might not be the most subtle or fashionable the Mighty produces potent vape with each draw. Made out of the strongest, medical grade, well-machined plastic, The Mighty feels almost indestructible in your hands.

DaVinci IQ Vaporizer

Davnici IQ Vaporizer Namaste Vapes US

Another great vaporizer maintaining a position on the leaderboard, for a second year in a row we give you the DaVinci IQ. Always looking to be innovative and bring you the purest vaping experience DaVinci really upped the game with the IQ. This dry herb vaporizer can hold 0.30 grams in its ceramic zirconia chamber which is heated through a conduction method. And speaking of innovative the DaVinci IQ even has a phone app now! With that you can control all the functions of the DaVinci IQ. Like the Smart Paths mode, that allows full temperature control over your temperature and also how long it’ll take for your herbs to reach that temperature. The minimum amount of time being 20 seconds. Precision Mode, which is standard temperature control. And Boost Mode, which will cause the vape to suddenly heat to its maximum temperature. And finally there’s stealth mode, which mostly just reduces the amount of glare and the brightness of the LED lights the vape gives off. With all that you have maximum control over your entire vaping experience. One downside is that it takes a little long to charge but once charged you’re good for up to 90 minutes of consistent vaping time. More than enough to make it one of our best vaporizers.

Black Mamba Vaporizer

Black mamba Vaporizer Namaste Vapes US

With the biggest chamber of our top five this sleek and elegant dry herb vaporizer was off to a great start for our best vaporizers. Designed with soft rubber material and features a single button that has temperature settings visible in LED’s on the side. What sets this above all the rest in quality is that it can heat up in the space of 2 seconds, so when we say this is an on-demand vaporizer, we really mean it. The chamber, as we said, is one of the biggest with a capacity of 0.65 grams and has a ceramic to glass vapor path meaning that there is nothing that will give your vapor any bad tastes or consistencies. This is a plus on any device. Glass as we know is the best conductor because it ensures this kind of purity. The Black Mamba is heated using a conduction heating system and has five temperature settings available and only a 20 second heat up time. The vape itself is turned on by pressing the button five times, so it’s super simple to use. While the battery capacity can be USB charged it is only good for 60 minutes but with such a large chamber it’ll be more than enough for you.

Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer

Solo 2 Vaporizer Namaste Vapes US

The Arizer Solo 2 improves upon the fine quality of the Arizer Solo featuring more control, adjustability, and speed. Like its older brother it is a small vaporizer but what it lacks in size it makes up for in punch. It has a stainless steel chamber capacity of 0.20 grams which although not as big as others can be heated in just 24 seconds. To do this it uses a hybrid heating system that reaches desirable temperatures quickly but if you wait a little longer you’ll be rewarded with thicker and more flavorful vapor.

Also, you receive two different length Aroma tubes. A 110mm length one and a 90mm one. This way you have more options for your vapor quality. As on the original Arizer Solo they’ve kept the combination of ceramic heating element and stainless steel chamber. The reason this gives such a pure flavor is that unlike most vaporizers where you load your herbs into the oven, you load them into the base of the glass Aroma Tube and then insert that into the oven. This means your herbs are only in contact with the glass, so there is nothing that can possibly contaminate your vapor.

Most anticipated new arrivals this year

Aside from these top five best vaporizers there are also a few new ones on the way. We’re plenty excited about them and we know you will be too. Have a read to find out more.

Grizzly Eclipse Vaporizer

Grizzly eclipse Vaporizer Namaste Vapes US

First up is the new Grizzly Eclipse from Grizzly Originals. The company realized that with so much choice on the market today it can be tough to know what to choose. The answer? Give everything to you in one easy to use vaporizer. Their goal in creating the Grizzly Eclipse was to give you the maximum amount of choice with one product. This vaporizer has been built around the most innovative, cutting edge technology available and it shows. This all-in-one vaping station allows you switch between vaping a herb tank, a concentrate tank, and a E-liquid tank using an industry standard 510 thread connection. By getting this one amazing product you are gaining an entire world of vaping possibilities. Let’s have a quick look at those features. The Dry Herb tank is made from ceramic with a borosilicate mouthpiece for pure flavor. The Concentrate Tank uses a dual quartz coil in a ceramic chamber and a variable wattage/voltage allows your concentrates to vape quickly. These elements infuse a tremendous flavor into your concentrates. Although rarely seen alongside dry herb and concentrates E-liquid mod with this mode, you can switch your 0.5 ohm coil from watts to volts to get your ideal temperature while the cotton wick of the atomizer can absorb 1 ml of liquid. Each of the tanks incorporates the same intuitive design elements to make each piece feel like one coherent device.

Haze Square Vaporizer 

Haze Namaste Vapes US

If there was one thing in 2018 for vapers everywhere to look forward then the arrival of the very first quad chamber vaporizer would have to be it. That’s right, we said quad. Four chambers! And not only are there four separate chambers but the Haze Square is compatible with any material you choose. Dry herb, concentrates, even liquids. All you have to do is switch between one of your four chambers with a simple rotation of the vaporizer and away you go. Not only that but with four chambers you could potentially pack in four times the amount of material you normally would. The Haze Square uses a convection heating system that will be so fast and efficient there will be virtually no lag time between draws. Also featured are pre-packable material trays or pre-packed pods. And Smart Temperature Technology allows the vaporizer to remember your presets so once you have them set there’s no more fussing about for you. And if all of that wasn’t enough there is a ten-year warranty. With shipping dates set for April 5th, we suggest you get your pre-orders in now because they’re going to fly off the shelves.

Arizer ArGo Vaporizer

Arizer Argo Namaste Vapes US

The Arizer Go (ArGo) as the name suggests is built for people always on the move. So of course portability was the main focus when it came to the design. And somehow Arizer have managed to squeeze everything you’d possibly need in a convenient portable vaporizer into a space of just 93 x 52 x 24mm, all without skimping on any of the functionality. Capable of hiding in the palm of your hand, the ArGo is one of the stealthiest vaporizers available. If you’re looking for a top class discreet vape then look no further. The chamber holds 0.20 grams of material and it can be heated up in just over a minute. It features a convection heating system that utilizes a ceramic chamber and a borosilicate mouthpiece so you’re assured of the purest vapor. Externally the look is a sleek stainless steel with borosilicate glass stem so that you can get the very best vapor. The set-up process is also super simple. Press the menu button and the plus button to kick off a countdown on the display. Hold the buttons until the countdown is finished. This will unlock the device. Once unlocked just remove the mouthpiece and pack in the herbs. Easy! And it all comes with a two year warranty.

Boundless Tera

Boundless Top Vapes 2018

Carrying on from the lessons they learned in the creation of their previous convection vaporizer, the CFV, the folks over at Boundless have made something really special in the Tera. This dual-purpose vape features a hybrid convection heating system ranging in temperatures between 140℉ and 446℉ and gives you precise temperature control for a guaranteed excellent vaping experience. Plus the extracts setting pushes the temperature to a preassigned setting of 500℉. And this is one of the most portable convection vaporizers around now due to the two removable 18650 batteries. With these two fully charged batteries it’s perfect for taking on long journeys or long sessions. The battery life comes in at around 40 to 50 minutes and the heat up time is less than a minute. And at 11cmx4cm, it can fit comfortably inside your pocket. Boundless are known for enjoying water filtration systems and this one is no exception. Included with the Boundless Tera is a water pipe adapter giving you the option to connect any 10mm, 14mm, or 18mm glass connection. This makes it completely compatible with your favorite glass piece. The Tera is a solid vaporizer that is sure to last with a grip ergonomically shaped to fit cozily in your hand. On top of all that it comes with a three year warranty.