Top 5 Best Value Vapes
Picking the best vaporizer can sometimes be a very difficult task. With your vaping options so vast and so expansive how do you pick real quality out from such a vast bunch? One of the things that I've discovered is that it's vitally important to conduct intensive research when intending to purchase a vaporizer
Over this past number of years, I've tested hundreds of vapes and I've discovered some to be of better quality than others. Some vapes promise you the sun, the moon, and the stars, but end up delivering dirt, whilst over vaporizers not only live up to their billing they exceed all expectations.
One thing you must be aware of is that not every vaporizer should cost an arm and a leg- there are some outstanding bargains available at an outstanding value.  Some of the best devices I've ever had the pleasure of using have been vapes that have been in the mid-level prices range. Just because a vaporizer costs 400 or 500 doesn't necessarily mean that this vaporizer will be of superior quality to lower costing vapes. In this blog, I have assembled a list of 5 excellent vapes that are all available at an exceptional value.



The Boundless CF vaporizer is a superb vaporizer that offers tremendous value.  The vape features an extra large heating chamber that has a ceramic chamber encompassed inside of it. This device performs just as well with small loads and large loads and produces efficient and direct vapes. The machine has a precision extraction mechanism which ensures that your flavors are both consistent and flavorful.

Conduction and Convection technologies are combined to produce a cutting-edge vaporizer which heats your herbs at an even pace. The CF Vaporizer is designed in a sleek and professional fashion allowing you to fit the device into your pocket at a moments notice.
To get your vape up and running all you have to do is twist the top section into place and you'll nearly be ready for action. All it takes is roughly 20 seconds until you have the CF up and running and ready.  The oven that the CF is equipped with is quite large and will be able to accommodate more herbs than your standard vaporizer.
The CF is a conduction unit, but not any old conduction unit as the CF manages to avoid combustion that other vapes are notorious for.  The flavors from this machine are totally out of this world, and in my opinion, one of the reasons for this is due to the air path system which is isolated from the rest of the device. 
What worked for me was to start my sessions at a low temperature and then to slowly ramp the temperature up to the next level. I found that this strategy resulted in some really delicious vapes that had some sublime flavors inherent.  Another benefit of this strategy is that it allows you to become acquainted with your vaporizer- you'll be facilitated with the time to get to know your device.

A two-year warranty is indicative of the maker's confidence in the machine and if you purchase a CF Boundless Vaporizer you'll definitely be impressed with the product.



The G Pen Elite is a vaporizer that will impress you by its design, overall aesthetic appearance, and most of all by the outstanding results that it produces. One of the initial features that stands out with the G Pen is the superb LED display and the adjustable temperature mechanism.  The temperature gauge is easy and simple to use and will provide you direct access to how the Pen is functioning. 

This machine has the capacity to heat up in nearly 20 seconds and become a fully functional vape. Once the vaporizer heats up it can reach temperatures as high as 400 degrees. The quickfire heating mechanism makes the G Pen stand out compared its rivals which sometimes can take a lot longer to heat up. The short vapor pathway makes sure that your vapes have a certain level of warmth which adds a nice flavorful taste to your vapes.

The G Pen Elite is not only a competitive vaporizer, but a vaporizer that may be leading the pack towards a revolution in the vaping industry.
The Vapor quality from a G Pen is really outstanding.   You can't but help being impressed with the beautiful texture and flavors that come from the G Pen Elite.

Another thing that the G Pen manages to avoid is combustion, which can become an issue with other vaporizers out there on the market  Some people have commented on the fact that the vapors do have a tendency to be a little bit warmer than what you might be accustomed  to, but this is a very small gripe.  Some people may be put off by the warmer vape, but as I've already alluded to I found the extra heat added to the overall flavor.



The Grizzly Guru is a vaporizer that is set to scale new heights when it comes to vaping excellence.  The Grizzly is one of the first vaporizers in the world to combine multiple functionalities when it comes to various herbs and substances. 

 The system that the Guru uses facilitates the vaporizing of liquids, wax, herbs, and the system not only allows you to vaporize them but allows you to receive outstanding vapes. This machine encompasses a ceramic heating chamber that works like a dream.

Precision-guided temperature control allows you the clear knowledge of how your vape is performing and allows you to adjust the apparatus to whatever you want.
  One of the real revolutionary elements of the Guru is the technology that allows it to connect to 510 atomizers. 

This new technology facilitates a total vaping experience allowing you to vape, with equal efficiency, waxes, oils, liquids, and concentrates.  Unlike other vaporizers that seem to only have the capacity to work with one substance the Gurus multiple functionalities is what makes it stand out from the crowd. 

The stainless steel system ensures that the vaporizer is reliable and does what its supposed to do. One thing you will be guaranteed of is a strong and durable vaporizer. Unlike other machines, this apparatus won't smash into pieces as soon as comes into contact with any kind of hard surface. In simple terms, the Guru exhibits strength, power, and dynamism.

The Guru manages to combine all of the best functions from other vaporizers and incorporates them all into one device. Other devices may be good at operating one system, but with the Guru you have a machine that excels at everything. 



The Sticky Brick is a portable vaporizer that utilizes convection technology to provide you on demand vaping access. This instant heat and instant vaporizer access make this device stand out from the crowd. Unlike other vaporizers you won't have to sit around for an eternity until you're given the chance to vape, from now on, no more time will be wasted when intending to vape your precious herbs.
The vaporizer has a very classy design that makes it stand out from its more mundane competitors.
The vaporizer comes in a very elegant and classy form and which ensures an instant performance hit.  This particular vape is handmade out of wood and crafted with a supreme level of perfection. The wood ensures that the vape has longevity and will stand the test of time. This isn't a vaporizer that you'll drop onto the ground and it will smash into pieces. Unlike some of the devices out there made from more synthetic materials, this vaporizer is durable, strong, and has the power to last.
The vape only weighs in 13 ounces and so is light and portable. A draw stem of 7inches provides the perfect machinery,
When operating this piece of machinery you need to heat the brick up using a torch lighter, which from experience shouldn't provide many issues. If you want to control the vapor intensity you should move the torch nearer or closer to the opening and adjust accordingly.
I found that the Sticky Brick was very easy, very simple, and very handy to use.  Unlike other machines out there, you won't need a degree in astrophysics to operate this one.   Overall, the Sticky Brick is a very underestimated vaporizer that will dispense some delightful vaping experiences to any lucky owner. 



The Pax 2 is one of the vaporizers that seems to have taken vaporizing to whole new level.  The Pax is a very simple and easy to use unit that will provide a lifetime of enjoyable vapes. You will be blown away with the consistency of the crispness of the vapors.

The exalted magnificence of the Pax 2 makes it stand amongst the vaping greats of planet universe.  When operating the device there are a few things that you should take note of. The fact that this device uses conduction technology makes it very important that when you are packing your herbs in that you pack them in nice and tight. Once your herbs are packed in nice and tight this will ensure that you'll have an extremely accessible vaping experience without any restrictions in place. 

When you load the Pax  2 all you have to do is put the magnetic lid back and then turn the vaporizer over. In order to get this unit heated up and ready to go, all you have to do is click the mouthpiece and the LED display will glow signalling that the device is getting ready for action. 

Once this LED display comes on its almost as if the vaporizer is commanding you to vape.  If you want to change the temperatures hold down the same button that you started the device with and then you can adjust the temperature to suit your own needs.

The adjustability of the device makes sure that the machine can be honed and changed to suit your own personal needs.  This is one of the magnificent features of the Pax 2- the manner in which you can adjust the apparatus for your own particular desires. 

When you have the lowest setting the screen will glow yellow, and then with the higher temperatures, the screen will glow orange or red.  All of these features add to the overall functionality and option laden capabilities of the vaporizer. One thing you can be assured of when you own a Pax 2 is a vape that will provide you with copious amounts of options.

From my experience, its best to use long slow draws if you want to get the best results from your vaping experience. Short and sharp draws can work, but if you want your vaping experience to be one of supreme quality you should try and incorporate the long slow draws into your experience.  In finishing, I have to say that the Pax2 is a real gem of a vaporizer that will provide you with an excellent vaping time that won't forget anytime soon. 


All of these vaporizers offer any person a world-class vaping experience. Every last one of these vaporizers provides sublime vapes that will take your vaping adventures to an entirely new level of excellence. The additional benefit of these vaporizers is that you can purchase the best without having to break the bank. You can enjoy the best vapes at the very best rates. 

What these vaporizers prove is that just because something costs far more it doesn't necessarily translate into a superior product. When it comes to vaping you can pay over the odds and still not receive the same level of quality that you would when buying a Pax2  or many of the other machines mentioned in this blog.