Top 5 Dry Herb Vapes of 2017

Our last top 5 list of 2016 was so well received, we just knew we had to give you a second one. These are the best dry herb vaporizers of 2017 (although, with some accessories, most of them do concentrates as well, just so you know), we’ve seen this year. Some of them are brand new models; some of them are old legends, but each one vapes to perfection. This isn’t just our opinions, these are the top selling vaporizers we’ve noticed this year coming off of the shelves, so if you’ve ever wondered why these vapes are so popular, we have a quick breakdown of each to show you why.

The Pax 3

Having been released just under a year ago, The Pax 3 has rocketed into the top spot of the list this year with people snapping these little miracles up as fast as they’re being released. One of the most elegant and stylish models to be released, even compared to this list, The Pax 3 is the pinnacle of what a fully portable model can become. It’s also the only model on this list that’s also a fully conductive model, showing that you don’t have to be convection to create the best vapor, you just have to do conduction right. Every single piece of this vape was made with the same care and attention that the Pax 2, from the chamber to the vapor pathway, but with a few small changes here and there, they’ve really been able to improve on an old legend.

Pax 3 Portable Dry herb Vaporizer NamasteVapes

So slender, it fits really well in your hand and with its variety of colors as well as its matte finish you can’t can’t hate this vape. Despite multiple heat settings being tied to a single button system, the vapes functionality and intuitive layout is surprisingly well thought out and as a result there’s almost no learning curve to it. Once you buy it you’re good to go. When you get the Pax 3, you’re going to have the option of multiple accessories that really switch up the way you vape. With the oil jar, you can modify your pax to vape concentrates, and with the half pack lid, you can pack a much smaller bowl if you’re only looking for a quick vape.

The Mighty

Still rising among all of the noise, The Mighty is unbeatable once again with sales on this bad boy staying consistent despite having been released in 2007. The magic with the Mighty comes from its hybrid heating system which it perfected back when vapes were still struggling with the idea of portable convection. The heat is quick, but not too quick, but most importantly careful. It really knows how to draw the purest flavor out from your herbs, then cools it and lets you draw with a smooth, toasty flavor to your cloud.

The Mighty Portable Dry herb Vaporizer NamasteVapes


The Mighty is the flagship model of the greater Storz and Bickel company, and the Mighty is pretty much their flagship portable model. The build quality on all of their models is no joke and the Mighty is no different. Made out of the strongest, medical grade, well machined plastic, The Mighty feels almost indestructible to the touch. Not only to the touch, but it looks well built to, of course that could just be Storz and Bickel’s classic way of designing their vapes. Each one of their models looks and acts like a real machine, doing away with elegance and modernity and instead focusing on raw power.

Firefly 2

The slender, elegant and damn right beautiful sequel to what was otherwise a bulky, awkward model, but one with potential. Well that potential came to roost in the Firefly 2 and it’s been one of the most high end models since it came out. Everything about this vape is just a drastic improvement on the old model. It’s so much more portable, a lot more discreet easier to use and tastes a lot better.

They knew they were onto something and they just ran with it, and look at what Firefly have put out thanks to that dedication. The Firefly 2 is still a great seller today, bringing manual control to vape experts everywhere who prefer to get their perfect vape their way instead of relying on more complex mechanics like smartphone apps. Using the touch sensitive buttons on the side, as well as their own inhalation speed, an expert Firefly user can get their ideal heat and density in their smoke without relying on extra electronics.

Firefly 2 Portable Dry herb Vaporizer NamasteVapes

It’s become a sort of challenge for some, just practicing with their Firefly 2. Even if you can’t get it right the first time. Maybe the vapors a bit cool or the cloud a bit thin, but what you can’t control, and probably never should, is the flavor impact coming off of this amazing model. Unlike many of the other models on this list, the Firefly’s system can afford to be 100% convection.

This delivers the utmost extreme of that delicious, toasty flavor we’ve all come to know from a good convection model. What’s more, the Firefly 2 surprisingly puts out very little odor, adding to its stealth overall. If you have the chance to use it in public, you’d probably feel very comfortable doing so because the lack of smell greatly adds to its stealth.

Boundless CFX

The Boundless CFX is the oldest and most powerful older brother of the Boundless CF line of vaporizers, the impress flagship line by Boundless which has a vaporizer for pretty much any kind of person. The Boundless CFX, at the time it came out, was considered the mini Mighty for several reasons. A title that it’s surely earned. The Boundless CFX uses well balanced, hybrid heat to quickly and efficiently toast the vapor out of the herbs, providing it with a delicious taste in the process. All the things you’d expect a good hybrid model to accomplish.

Boundless CFX Portable Dry herb Vaporizer NamasteVapes

Also like the Mighty, The Boundless CFX uses a bottom located, LCD display in order to give the vaporizer full digital control over the temperature. The Boundless, still like the Mighty, is portable in name only.

By portable they just mean that it doesn’t need to be plugged into a wall to be used and can be used on the move, but it’s a bit away from what most people would call truly portable. Like the Mighty, the Boundless CFX is a bit too big and obvious to be used stealthily throughout your day, but that stealth has been sacrificed in order to make room for this kind of power and flavor.

Where The Boundless CFX begins to diverge away from the Mighty however is the price. The Boundless CFX costs only a fraction of what the higher-end models in the market costs despite tasting pretty much just as good. It’s certainly the most affordable model on this list and, even though in a comparison you’d have to admit that the flavor isn’t as pure as they Mighty’s, you really can’t knock the amazing achievement that is something as effective as the Boundless CFX.

DaVinci IQ

The DaVinci IQ is the most recent release of this year and seems a clear winner for being one of the smartest vapes released to date, sporting more functions, heating modes, information and intuitive design features than we’ve ever seen before.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the shocking amount of technology that The DaVinci IQ has made space for in their incredibly small, portable vaporizer. There’s the Smart Paths mode, which is a form of full temperature control that not only gives you control over how high your temperature is but also how long it’ll take for your herbs to reach that temperature, with the minimum amount of time being 20 seconds.

There’s Precision Mode, which is just standard full temperature control. After that there’s Boost Mode, which, when pressed, will cause the vape to suddenly heat up towards its maximum temperature. Perfect if your party vaping at you like your temps hotter than everyone else. Finally there’s stealth mode, which mostly just reduced the amount of glare and the brightness of the LED lights the vape gives off.

DaVinci IQ Portable Dry herb Vaporizer NamasteVapes

The Davinci IQ, despite being an incredibly intelligent vape, also maximizes flavor. It’s the second fully convection unit on this list but apart from the Firefly 2, but there’s more than just the heating system going on here that makes it one of the best. The DaVinci IQ also comes with a ceramic zirconia mouthpiece, which is a previously un-used material as far as we’re aware.

While the vapor is travelling up this mouthpiece it delivers a really great flavor to the cloud that you’re bound to notice. What’s more, the DaVinci IQ comes with a new innovation called a flavor chamber. This acts as a separate chamber which can be placed in the path of the vapor as its vaping. What you can do is fill it with another type of aromatherapy material and, as the vape heats up, that material is partially vaporized, adding it’s flavor to the rest of the cloud.