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Conduction Vaporizers

A very fast, very efficient and surprisingly intricate form of heat. In fact it is one of the two primary forms of heat used in vaporization, the other being Convection. Conduction works by direct contact with the herbs, usually through a heated coil within the chamber. It’s such a fast and efficient method of smoking, if you got your hands on one of these portable dry herb vapes, we’re not sure you’d turn back.

The collection, knowledge and our pricing on conduction vaporizers can’t be beaten. Whether or not you're going with a conduction model, we have all the information you will need to make the right decision. Are you always on the move? Looking for a quick top up on your hit, but are you worried about those around you? You have come to the right place, we've got the top of the line portable vaporizers in stock now.

Conduction Vaporizers Benefits

Conduction Vaporizers - The Benefits

With conduction, some very interesting things can be done to the flavor of your dried products. In some higher-end models of conduction vaporizers, you hear about this combination of ceramics in the heating coil which leads into a glass pathway. It’s an amazing flavor combination and is the backbone of some vapes who claim to have flavor as their focus.

Recently, other, more unique flavor combinations are being used, one of which being quartz. It’s not that quartz is that much better, but what it is is different as the amount of ceramic models compared to the quartz models is a lot.

Conduction Vaporizers - Easy To Use

Conduction is by far a lot simpler a concept than convection, but that’s not to say it’s worse. No, really a conduction vaporizer is just easier to make which allows them to be a lot cheaper on the market. They’re also able to be much smaller, which adds to their stealth, making it easier to live with a daily vape and they’re also faster at heating up, meaning when you want a smoke, you can have it in barely a minute.

Conduction also make for better models for beginners. The heat settings tend not to be as diverse as with a convection model, but with their quick and consistent heat up, they’re a little more reliable. 

Conduction Vaporizers - Easy To Use
Conduction Vaporizers - The Experience

Conduction Vaporizers - The Experience

Conduction models are also the only other form of vaporizer that allows for full manual control over the system. What we mean by this is that the system doesn’t work by inputting settings digitally, but you, using either a heating button or breath control, operate the heating element. Depending how consistently you apply the heat or how long or short your draws are determines the kind of pulls you’re going to get.

There are many experienced vapers who love this kind of system because with practice they have full control over the kind of pull their going to get, from their ideal amount of draw resistance, to the heat and the density of the cloud they get.