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All About Happy Kit

Happy Kit

Happy Kit - Everything You Need

Happy Kits are specially designed pouches that house everything you might need to begin rocking one hell of a session. Pipes, papers, filters, grinders, lighters, they’re all inside a small little carry case about the size of a first aid kit.

These really are the perfect items to have if you’re ever having an aromatherapy emergency. Perfect for camping trips, beaches, hiking and festivals.

Happy Kit - Hard-Hitting Awesomeness

Coming in all shapes, sizes, prices and functions, Happy Kit’s amazing first product has grown into a line of incredibly convenient pieces that can benefit any consumer on-the-go.

From the hard-hitting awesomeness of the Very Happy Kit, to the pocket-sized benefit of the Mini Kit, there’s absolutely nothing that a Happy Kit can’t give to someone whose in dire need of a strong hit, no matter where they are.

Happy Kit
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