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The Haze vaporizer is one of the most versatile portable vaporizer on the market. Impressively, it is the first vaporizer with a double bowl, which not only allows the use of concentrates and dried products, but also e-liquids, all in the same device and in the same vaping session. Its advanced design makes it discreet and very comfortable to wear on the go. Do not wait any longer and get your Haze V3 vaporizer!

The Original Haze vaporizer launched in 2014 was a huge success and managed to establish itself as a brand of high quality and reliability. After extensive research and analysis, they improved their first device in order to just meet their customer’s demanding needs. Therefore, they designed the Haze Dual V3 vaporizer, undoubtedly the best portable vaporizer for outdoor lovers. Equally beautiful in design, but incredibly improved and perfected, the brand new Haze vaporizer offers great portability and the most versatile vaporizing experience. If you are a Haze vaporizer fan and you still don’t know about this new model, NamasteVapes invites you to get yours since this little but strong vaporizer will exceed all your expectations!

The Best All-In-One Vaporizer

Haze Technologies has quickly become a leader in the vaporizer industry. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Haze vaporizers are redefining the industry with its “game-changing” multi chamber technology. The Haze vape is one of the most popular portable vaporizer of all. Thanks to its unique dual chamber design, provides conduction & convection heating capability, and the ability to vaporize all material types. This is why almost all customers are fascinated with. And how not to? The flavor is flawless. Produces a huge vapor cloud, smooth and tasty. It is a very natural and pure taste. Reveals the full body of the aroma. It's convenient. It's really very portable. It's economical, and extracts everything from the dried product. After your aromatherapy session, the Haze vaporizer is truly easy to clean.

Their patented heating technology ensures an extremely fast warm-up time, and its steel and glass mouthpiece provides an absolute pure taste. Choose between 4 temperature settings to vaporize your material. The Haze vape temperature regulator is not affected by humidity, altitude, cold, nor air pressure. Each chamber can be heated at different temperatures to provide greater vaporization. The Haze vape is a clear champion, it uses high-capacity li-on (2600 mAh) replaceable batteries, excellent for multiple sessions. Having another battery is really comfortable because you can always have one on the charger ready to go, no worries at all.

So that you do not suffer from uncertainties regarding the Haze vaporizer, the company offers a 10-year warranty. NamasteVapes thinks it is fair to say that the Haze vape has set a new standard for vaporizers in the USA. Check out our collection below to get the best deals Haze V3, Haze Dual V3 and Haze V2.5 DLX vaporizers.

Enjoy getting the best designed vaporizer and the finest vapor quality by buying the Haze vaporizer and do not forget to receive your NamasteVapes discount! If you need help, make sure to talk with us via phone, e-mail or LiveChat!

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