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Pax Labs Vaporizers

PAX Labs are leaders on the US Vaporizer Market, with their innovative and premium line of devices. They have created superior, beautiful and technologically advanced vaporizers that push the boundaries of conduction technology.

Pax Lab have continued to reinvent their classic Pax model, setting the bar higher and higher with every release and reinventing the conduction vaporizer market.

Pax  - Minimalist Design

Pax 2 & Pax 3 are instantly recognizable by sleek and elegant design. Each device is stylish and minimalist, and rests comfortably in the palm of your hand for subtle use. The curved, ergonomic design of the body allows it to slip effortlessly in any pocket or bag for easy vaping on-the-go.

Since the release of their very first device, Pax Labs have been leading the market in what exactly a portable, personal vape should accomplish. In Pax Labs’ mind, that means taste, power and convenience, exactly what American vaporizer consumer really needs.

Pax - Get Empowered

Somehow, the engineers at Pax Labs have managed to fit so much power into such a compact little device. From your very first draw of a Pax device, you’ll get smooth and tasty vapor as well as some seriously impressive clouds. This amazing technology goes way beyond the average standard for a simple conduction vaporizer, and the vapor produced by a Pax vape is easily on par with hybrid devices.

As the leaders of conduction vaping, all Pax vapes have both lip-sensing technology as well as heat-up times as swift as 15 seconds - which has truly elevated the standards for what conduction models are capable of. This speed and power efficiency from their models stem from the fact that Pax Labs specialize in optimizing the abilities of conduction vaporizers, to achieve a pure and pleasant tasting vapor output comparable to convection devices.