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Puffco Vision Plus
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Intro to Puffco Vision Plus The Vision Plus is a fantastic dab pen from vape legends, Puffco. It breaks the usual Puffco convection of low-key minimalist design and instead adopts an eye-catching chromatic hologram finish. Inside, however, this device is...


The Puffco journey began in 2013. Dissatisfied with the industry standards at the time, they decided it was time to take matters into their own hands. Since then, there’s been no looking back. Puffco has become a household name in the vaping industry, renowned for delivering the best vaporizers on the market. 

This isn’t just any old cliche being thrown around….they are THE best! From 2016 right up to the present day, their hard work and dedication have not gone unnoticed. With awards for ‘Best Vaporizer’ secured each year consecutively, these guys are a force to be reckoned with. 

With the best portable vaporizers on the market to the best desktop options, Puffco has a product perfect for everyone. The Puffco Peak, Puffco Pro, and Puffco Plus have established themselves in the market as classic vaporizers. Each model is unique in its own right. All tie together in their combination of high-quality vapor and luxurious design. Puffco compares to Apple in the tech space - leading innovation and delivering quality.

Quality Over Everything

Puffco is a brand in its own lane. The development team is driven to provide the highest quality products possible, for all to enjoy. Now, you’ve probably heard a lot of people say “if you want something done properly, do it yourself”. Puffco could not agree more. Each element of their vaporizers and accessories are manufactured by their passionate in-house team. Intending to unlock the power of concentrates, Puffco has done exactly that.

Concentrate vaping is the most effective, powerful method of consumption available today. It’s most certainly the future, too.

Why Puffco?

1. Innovation

Striving for greatness, Puffco is at the spearhead of innovation in the vaping industry. This innovation is a part of the company culture at Puffco. Greatness is an expectation for each product.

The Puffco Pro 2, Puffco Peak, and Puffco Plus epitomize this innovation. Their ‘Sesh Mode’ is the first feature of its kind. Each of these models comes with temperature presets to choose from. ‘Sesh Mode’ activates your Puffco vaporizer to heat your chamber at your personalized temperature for up to 15 seconds. Hands-free dabbing just got easier and smoother!

Each of the Puffco vaporizers is expertly designed and crafted to cater to specific needs. From powerful pocket-friendly dab pens to epic larger alternatives; the Puffco vaporizer range never fails to amaze.

2. Precision

Puffco was the first vaporizer brand to create a product with customizable temperature controls. Aiming to create the ultimate concentrate-consuming platform, Puffco dissected each part of a typical vaporizer at the time, upgrading all aspects. The outcome is concentrate vaporizers that offer healthier, safer, and more flavorful vapor. Achieving all of this while simultaneously gauging and maintaining exact, precise temperatures.

3. A Healthier Experience

As time goes on, everybody is constantly learning about the health aspect of vaping. When Puffco entered the market in 2013 the majority of vaporizers were incomparable to the ones today. They feature fibrous wicks, which after a certain amount of time, developed a burnt taste that could not be ignored. They also contained plastics, glues, and other substances that can be toxic when surrounded by heat.

Careful consideration of how to make vaporizers safer, but also a tastier experience was clear in Puffco’s earliest products. Puffco eradicated all of these problems to ensure the best possible smoking experience for their customers.

Puffco Most Popular Products

1. Puffco Peak

The Puffco Peak is the largest of the Puffco Vaporizers. Its cutting edge design and technology propelled it to be one of the best vaporizers to date. It features Sesh Mode and a coil-less ceramic chamber for optimum concentrate vaping.

On the pricier side of the scale, it provides an experience of pure desktop-vaping luxury. It comes with a portable carrying case making taking it on your travels is convenient and safe.

2. Puffco Plus

The Puffco Plus dab pen provides one of the stealthiest and smoothest portable vaping experiences. It’s stylish, the black pen-shaped exterior is complemented by a powerful battery that supports Sesh Mode as well as multiple heat settings.

3. Puffco Pro 2

The Puffco Pro 2 vaporizer is the successor of the original Puffco Pro model. It was analyzed, improved, and upgraded in every way to better an already amazing dab pen. Again, the Pro 2 features an advanced heating system, LED lights that indicate battery life as well as heat settings.

Puffco Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Are Puffco vaporizers good value for money?

Puffco has created products that lead to innovation in the vaping industry. The quality of their products is unrivaled. Whether it’s a vaporizer or any of the Puffco accessories you’ll have nothing but the best. Their products come at different prices, so you’ll be sure to find one to match your budget.

Q2: Are Puffco Vaporizers safe to use?

Puffco has emphasized making vaping a healthier, safer experience for all. They completely removed any harmful substances from their products, particularly if toxic when exposed to heat. Their products are amongst some of the most efficient, safe, and powerful on the market.

Q3: What can I use Puffco Vaporizers with?

Puffco set its aim to become the primary platform for concentrate consumption. They certainly have achieved this. Their products are for use strictly with concentrates, not with dry herb materials. Concentrates consist of only the best parts of the plant from which they originate. Puffco successfully creates products to unlock the full potential of any concentrate.