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Formerly known as Select CBD, Social CBD is located in Portland, Oregon, and began its journey as Select CBD who sold cannabis vaporizers. They later moved into the CBD realm and were selling full spectrum CBD which means that their CBD had traces of THC in them, less than 0.3% but still enough to cause problems selling in states in which any THC product was banned. This is where SocialCBD came into play.

Social wanted their products to be available for everyone as their mission states “we are a 21st-century wellness company on a mission to create a happier, healthier you.” They broke off from making their CBD with full-spectrum CBD and began creating products with Broad spectrum and Isolate CBD. This allows for their products to be THC-free and readily available to anyone who is wanting to try out CBD without any trace of THC in them. 

What does Social CBD Offer?

Social CBD still believes in producing the best quality CBD on the market with natural ingredients for an affordable price. If you ever had the chance to use their CBD Select line you will be excited to see that the quality is still set to their high standards. Using Broad spectrum CBD allows all of their products to contain the benefits of the whole plant like the terpenes, cannabinoids, and cannabichromene without a high amount of THC. 

Social CBD tries to make all of its products THC-free and will also use isolate CBD to make this possible. Isolate CBD contains only the CBD without any of the other plant compounds so there will not be the entourage effect, in turn, a higher dosage of CBD may be needed. The use of broad spectrum and Isolate CBD along with natural ingredients makes what Social CBD stands for easier as all of their users can take their CBD products without questioning the purity of their products. 

Differences in Social CBD products

Social CBD has a little bit of everything for everyone. 

Oil Tinctures 

Their line up of CBD tinctures or drops as they are called come in both isolate CBD and broad spectrum CBD. Social CBD isolate drops come in different flavors like Lavender, peppermint, lemon ginger, and unflavored. All coming with natural ingredients like rhodiola, ginger root, turmeric, chamomile, and passion flower. 

They also have quite the lineup of broad spectrum CBD including flavors of acai, lemon, vanilla mint, cinnamon leaf, pomegranate tea, and blood orange. Their CBD drops come in 375 mg, 750 mg, 1500 mg, and 2000 mg concentration of CBD always start with the lowest dosage to see which reactions the body may have. Using CBD tinctures is the quickest way for the CBD to be activated in your body as it is usually placed sublingually allowing for quicker access to the endocannabinoid system. 

Topical Rubs

Social CBD has a handful of different isolate CBD products, these are perfect for those with surface aches and pains. They have a muscle rub, roll-on gel, muscle balm stick, and a cooling spray all for achy muscles and joints. As well as CBD infused patches, body lotion, and foot cream for dry or cracked skin that needs more a bit more moisture.


Coming in three different variants: their original formula, chill, and sleep. These gummies come in many great flavors, red raspberry, peach mango, and lemon for their original, lemon berry for their chill with natural ingredients like GABA and L-theanine, and blackberry mint for their sleep formula with ingredients including valerian root and lemon balm. Consuming CBD gummies is perfect for those who want an exact amount of CBD every time as one serving of Social CBD gummies provides 25 mg of broad spectrum CBD per serving. 


Social CBD has made their gel capsules each for a particular cause. There is a Rest capsule that is made with valerian and passionflower, Boost capsule that has yerba mate and moringa, Balance capsule that has only the base ingredients including MCT oil, and a Recover capsule that contains turmeric and black pepper. Each serving is 33.3 mg of CBD and all will help with their respected issues. 

Pet products

Social CBD also has something for our furry friends at home. Coming in either CBD broad spectrum drops or a CBD paw balm. These drops are perfect for relaxing your pet in stressful situations or helping them with their old age and sore joints. They come in many delicious flavors for your pet and three different strength options including 250 mg, 500 mg, and 750 mg. 

Most loved products from Social CBD 

Peppermint Isolate CBD oil drops

With a natural peppermint flavor, these CBD drops have a refreshing taste and help energize and focus the body. Made with CBD isolate these tinctures have absolutely zero traces of any THC.

CBD muscle rub

This nongreasy fast-drying CBD muscle rub is made with 250 mg of CBD per bottle along with aloe, tea tree oil, and menthol to give a cooling sensation to any achy muscles. This muscle rub is fast absorbing and can leave muscles feeling relaxed and refreshed. 

Original CBD gummies red raspberry

Social CBD has a delicious lineup of flavorful CBD gummies but the red raspberry is a fan favorite. Convenient to use and to store these gummies deliver 25 mg of CBD for every serving every time.