Stul Ltd. is a global leader in vaporizer sales and distribution. We have 5 warehouses located strategically around the globe, with thousands of products in stock at all times. Namaste is pleased to offer several programs for Wholesale Customers, Drop Ship Customers and Affiliate Customers, with access to our entire inventory and utilizing our logistics network to offer world-class service and support. These programs are available to customers in all countries.

Stul Ltd. is proud to offer the following unique programs for our customers.


Wholesale Account

Wholesale Whether you own a physical shop or an e-commerce platform, you can order direct wholesale with VapeGuru and have access to thousands of products kept in stock at all times, with the best prices available on the market. We work directly with the best manufacturers in the industry and are able to offer competitive pricing on the most popular products. We operate a 'No haggles' Wholesale department that features one single level for pricing. Our goal is to make sure that you're successful in your venture in working with VapeGuru and for that reason, we offer the absolute best pricing possible for all customers big or small. So whether you're ordering 5 items or 500 items, there is No Minimum Order and we will always offer you the same price, regardless of the volume.

To set up a Wholesale Account, use the contact form below and indicate you're interested in opening a Wholesale Account. Once you apply for a new account we will approve within 24 hours. You will have access to our wholesale products through this platform and can order online or send orders via email or phone to our helpful customer service team. Wholesale orders received are normally processed and shipped within 1-2 working days.

Warranty Support - VapeGuru provides complete support for Wholesale Customers to process warranty and defective item claims. You can contact our Returns team at any time for faulty product or items damaged on arrival. 

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Drop Ship Account

Drop ShipStul Ltd. offers one of the most innovative drop shipping program available that is ideally suited for anyone setting up a new e-commerce site or with an existing site that is looking to expand their product offering. VapeGuru carries thousands of SKU's in stock in our warehouses and as a Drop Ship Customer, you will have access to all inventory booked into our system. We can provide you with product content and details in order to populate site data. We have a fully integrated system which will allow an order to flow through your site on to our shipping system. You will automatically receive tracking details when an order is shipped. Drop Ship pricing is exactly the same as the Wholesale pricing as well so you know you will be getting the best margin possible.

To open a Drop Ship Account please call 1-800-892-3695 or use the contact form below and we'll get in touch with you.

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Affiliate Account

AffiliateStul Ltd. offers two unique affiliate programs. These programs are also available for EveryoneDoesit.com and NamasteVapes.com. Each site features a different range and niche of products that would cater to different end users. Our affiliate program with Everyone Does It will offer more glassware, dabbing equipment and accessories, while the Vape Guru program will feature more high-end dry herb and concentrate vaporizers. Both programs are available to everyone, you can market affiliate links from either site and will be able to participate in all company promotions, sponsorships and new product launches to maximize your profits!

To open an affiliate account, please call 1-800-892-3695 or use the contact form below. To expedite the process, you can sign up for an affiliate account at the link below. We'll be able to activate your account after you get in touch with us.

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Please Contact us using the contact form below or by calling 1-800-892-3695 to open an account.