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Intro to Puffco Vision Plus

The Vision Plus is a fantastic dab pen from vape legends, Puffco. It breaks the usual Puffco convection of low-key minimalist design and instead adopts an eye-catching chromatic hologram finish. Inside, however, this device is just as powerful and effective as any device that bears the Puffco name. 

It features a ceramic, coil-free heating system for even and consistent heating. The mouthpiece has a handy built-in loading tool as well as a clever splash guard that keeps un-vaped material out of your mouth. 

The entire device can be easily controlled with a single button. Its battery offers up to three hours of use, and when it does run down, it can be recharged in only 45 minutes. 

This just might be the best option for concentrate fans who want to avoid the mess and fuss associated with atomizer heating systems.

How To Use The Puffco Vision Plus?

1. How To Operate the Puffco Vision Plus?

When loading the Vision Plus vision it is a MUST that you use the small loading dart built into the mouthpiece. Not only is this handy, but it is also perfectly positioned to drop your concentrate directly into the middle of the chamber. This ensures that your concentrate is evenly heated, stops the build-up of any grime, and avoids blocking the all-important air holes. 

2. How To Get the Best Vapor Quality?

If you take a little bit of care when loading your Vision Plus, you're sure to enjoy some fantastic hits. Inside the oven chamber, there are a series of three air holes. These are essential for the operation of the device and influence the draw resistance. If they are blocked it can result in weaker hits or a nasty burnt taste. The best way to keep them clear is to ensure that your concentrate load is small, avoiding the inlets altogether. 

3. How To Clean It?

The Vision Plus is an easy device to maintain, it only has a few components and they are easy to separate from one another. To start, unscrew the oven and remove the mouthpiece from it. Pull the dart gently out of the housing and then remove its silicone tip. Place the oven chamber in alcohol, but keep the plastic and silicone components separate. 

Use a soft brush or cotton swab to gently clean any build up in the mouthpiece or on the dart with a tiny bit of alcohol. Remove the oven from the alcohol and break up any stubborn grime with a cotton swab then wipe everything dry. Reassemble the Vision Plus and put it through a heat cycle to ensure that all alcohol has been effectively evaporated. 


The Puffco Vision Plus produces some of the best tasting concentrate hits on the market today. The ceramic bucket evenly heats all of your concentrates at once, slowly bringing it to vaping temperature. This, combined with the non-reactive nature of the ceramic ensures that the unique flavor of the concentrate is preserved. 

This focus on flavor may lead some to think that the Vision Plus can't produce clouds, this couldn't be further from the truth. The heating system can produce some respectable clouds that should be more than enough, even for the most discerning of users. 

Temperature settings

The Plus comes with three temperature settings. Blue (low), Green (medium), and White (high). These can be cycled through by tapping the power button, with a double-tap activating heat up. The first two settings are perfect for most sessions, while the highest is ideal for burning off that last little bit at the end. 

Battery & Power

The Puffco Vision Plus has a respectable battery life that can offer up to three hours of continuous use. Of course, this depends on the set temperature and the length of hits the user takes. Overall you can expect at least a few decent sessions from this on a single charge. When it does finally run down, it can be charged back up to full in less than 45 minutes!


Puffco is known for its stylish aesthetic, but the Vision plus brings this to the next level. Its overall shape is discreet, minimalist, and easy to handle. The perfect fusion of dab pen form and function. This is very similar to the Vision and takes a lot of design cues from the rest of the Puffco range. The finish, however, is where it differentiates itself. Rather than a simple black, the Vision Plus has a chromatic and metallic finish that is dazzling to look at. On top of this, the finish is smudge and fingerprint resistant, so you don't have to worry about wiping it down after every use.

Who is the Puffco Vision Plus for?

The Puffco Vision Plus is designed with concentrate aficionados in mind. It eschews some of the familiar aspects of the dab pen industry in favor of slightly more advanced, but far more effective design choices. 

If you are a dab pen fan who holds flavor and consistency above all else, then the Puffco Vision Plus is a must for you. On top of this, its easy control scheme and simple design make it perfect for casual users and beginners alike. 

Who is the Puffco Vision Plus not for?

While the Vision Plus is great for moderate or casual users who like flavor, more advanced users may prefer something with a bit more kick. The lack of temperature options and the relative inflexibility of the control scheme means that the Puffco Vision Plus leaves a lot to be desired for the concentrate fans who like to customize their sessions.

Compare with other products

The Puffco Plus is the Vision Plus' earlier model. They are, for the most part, nearly identical apart from their finishes. 

The Plus offers the same incredible ceramic, atomizer-free heating as the vision plus but in a far more understated and subtle package. Rather than the wild colors of the Vision, the Plus features a smokey brown-black finish that is perfect for those sessions where you want to keep things on the down-low. 

It has all of the great features of the Vision, including the all-important built-in loading dart. Choosing one or the other relies on the user’s personal preference, but if you like to keep things simple, then the Plus is a must. 

What is in the box

  • Puffco Vision Plus 
  •  Cleaning swabs
  •  USB Supercharger
  •  2 x colored grips. 

Tech Specs

Compatible with: Concentrate
Heating system Ceramic Coill-free atomizer
Chamber Capacity


Battery length 3 hours
Charging time 45 min
Auto shut off: yes
weight: 8oz
Dimensions 6.5 × 3 × 1.7 in
Temperature settings 3


1 year

Staff review

The Vision Plus is an amazing concentrate pen that even now, after several years on the market, has few peers within its price bracket. It offers an incredible confluence of style, function, and reliability. 

Of course, all of this style and design means nothing if the hits don't hold up. I can honestly say that there aren't many ways to enjoy concentrates that let you enjoy hits this tasty with this little fuss and this quickly. I was shocked at how great it tasted. Of course, the heat up time is a touch longer than atomizer based vapes, but not enough to pose a big barrier. 

Loading the Plus is simple, every dab pen should come with a built in dab tool. The Vision Plus will have a place in my vape collection for years to come, I'm not a hardcore concentrate fan but I like to dabble, and I have yet to find a vape that works quite this well. 

Puffco Vision Plus FAQ's

Q1: Can The Puffco Vision Plus Be Used With Dry Herb?

The Vision Plus cannot be used with any dry herb. Its chamber is only compatible with oil and wax-style concentrates. 

Q2: How Long Does A Puffco Vision Plus Session Last?

You can expect a loaded chamber to last anywhere from six hits, to over 12, depending on the set temperatures, how long your draws are, and the type of concentrate. 

Q3: Does The Puffco Vision Plus Have Any Accessories?

There is a range of Puffco Vision Plus accessories. These range from replacement chambers and darts, to colored grips and replacement superchargers. 

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Puffco Vision Plus

Puffco Vision Plus